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The Youth of Justice

Knights of Justice

The Knights of Justice, Right of Passage Program focuses on self-identifying male teenagers and young adults from the ages of 13 -21. Our counselors and outreach staff provide one on one and group sessions. During our 12-week program we delve into a variety of topics which include hygiene maintenance, understanding and developing relationships, chivalry, sexual education, anger and conflict management, positive decision making, goal setting, morality, gang and gun prevention, anti-bullying, family and community building, employment search and resume writing, education, and financial literacy. Youth work with men from the community to gain knowledge and understanding of self. It is essential that the participants find camaraderie amongst each other and their counselors. We offer a safe space where the youth are free to share personal problems and ask for advice with confidentiality. Our mission is to provide a multifaceted enriching experience that will contribute to the personal and social development of each participant.

Upon conclusion of the program our participants will have advanced to “Kings of Justice” and have a better understanding of their past and hone a practical guide to create a brighter future. We encourage them to find new solutions to ongoing challenges. Ideally, they will have identified a variety of paths to success and have a clear understanding of how to refine their manhood to improve their lives and have a positive impact on their families, peers and community while also developing a blueprint for personal and community empowerment. We firmly believe that an empowered young man in an invaluable addition to society as such we empower participants to succeed academically, socially, and economically and break cycles that may hinder their development.

Queens of Justice

The Queen of Justice Program focuses on self-identifying female teenagers and young adults from the ages of 13 -21. This program aims to offer mentorship opportunities in collaboration with community partners. Queens of Justice teaches young ladies how evolve into the women they are destined to become. This process of evolution includes the development of their very person in a holistic manner from the inside out and the development of their mind, body, spirit, and soul.


Participants gain not just knowledge, but understanding, while using conflict resolution strategies, positive decision-making strategies. The program also teaches identity, purpose and how to be a positive influence in their own lives and in the lives of others. Young women also learn to the power in their words and positive communication skills. Lastly, we assist in teaching them how to keep their mental and emotional state healthy and balanced while facing everyday life situations. Throughout the year participants have enriching opportunities to volunteer and participate in numerous events which have in the past included voter registration, census survey assistants and back to school drives.

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