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Youth and Government Program

The Youth and Government Program introduces high school students to the inner workings of Connecticut’s government through participation in mock legislative sessions. Participants learn about the history of American government, how bills are drafted, executed, and passed into laws. Approximately 30 participants are partnered up with mentors who serve as their advisor for the duration of the 6-month program. Participants learn to be voices for change by leading marches, rallies, and vigils in support of various causes. Ice the Beef leaders and participants have maintained their objective of being outspoken citizens against violence in the city. Although the capstone of this program is the annual trip to the Capitol, we find that our community work and advocacy is just as important.

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Community Work 

Ice The Beef out in the community working with the local government and our governor Ned Lamont to bring about change for youth in the inner cities.

Youth President of
Ice The Beef

Here is our very own Manuel Camacho making big moves and bringing change into our communities.

kid president youth president in a recognize the youth page.jpeg

The ITB Debate Team

Our very own Ice The Beef Debate Team holding it down at the capital in Hartford.

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