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Education on the Stage, Arts, and Dance Program

Education on the Stage, Arts, and Dance Program is composed of youth singers, dancers, rappers, public speakers, hosts, stagehands, artists, writers, and comedians. Youth work alongside professionals in the art they aspire to master, while also building conflict resolution strategies, anger management and decision-making skills. Youth have taken part in movies and plays throughout the east coast. In 2019 youth performed in 103 plays, in 2021 youth performed a rendition of Romeo and Juliet with the Elm Shakespeare Company at the Arts and Ideas Festival. In 2021 youth will begin shadowing professional filmmakers to produce a film titled 3LK (3 Little Kids). The movie will be filmed in various locations around Connecticut but focusing on the greater New Haven area. The overall goal for this project is for students to learn how to direct, produce, edit, gaff, operate sound and camera equipment, select wardrobe and proper costume makeup application. Actors will also fundamentally develop their acting skills.

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