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Board Members

Executive Board

Darrell Allick-Founder
Edwin Mohamad-Board Chair
Marina Bey
Dwight Robinson
Jason Gordeneer


Chaz Carmon-President


Ronisha Moore-Vice President

Larhonda Allick-Co-Founder/Treasurer

Eliza Vargas-Secretary

Darryl Copeland-Waterbury Vice President

Remedy Shareef-Director of Outreach/New Haven
David Beverly-Director of Outreach/Waterbury
Eshe Ward-Director of Family Services
Stanislav Gershman-Director of Mental Health Services
Myles Branch-Director of Music and Arts


Outreach Team

Dumont Gibbs


Leighton Johnson


Michael Hurling


Kwamain McCarter

Lauren Essence

Monica Givens

Shama Talton

Reconnecting Families Team

Chaz Carmon-Director
Michael Hurling-Asst. Director

Larhonda Allick-Admin Assistant
Darryl Copeland-Resources Director

Darriel Allick-Resources Coordinator
Kwamaine McCarter-Resources Coordinator

Families Support Team
Winel Polanco
Lesly Guilty
Marlon Myers
Leighton Johnson
Dumont Gibbs
Alfred Williams

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