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Keeping Our Youth On Track

Please scroll down to the bottom of this page for referral forms for youth to become a part of Ice The Beef and for mentorship opportunities. 

The Road to Keeping Our Youth On Track

Ice The Beef is a non-profit organization that aims to go against the odds and prepare inner-city youth for the challenges of the contemporary economy despite what have come to be expected as the limits of youth programs’ effectiveness. Our strength lies in our staff members, who come from the same neighborhoods as the youth we’re reaching out to: individuals who are both respected in their own communities and successful beyond.


KOYOT Mission Statement


Keeping Our Youth On Track (KOYOT) strives to prepare youth for everyday challenges by offering support that enables youth to recognize their full potential from all perspectives. We enhance parental awareness by working together to achieve success. 


Day-to-day Operation


Our organization’s primary function is to provide one-to-one mentoring while working with and informing guardians of their children’s progress on a frequent basis that both encourages their participation and improves youth’s performance in all aspects of their life (social, emotional, and academic). Our staff provides educational support, emotional, recreational, and social support where mentors serve as liaisons to resources.


KOYOT Mentors set time aside each day to have discussions with their mentees regarding academic success, self-care, social-emotional understanding, as well as to participating in social and community based activities. We envision a community where every student experiences a nurturing relationship that develops to full potential. 




Our goal is to provide inner-city middle and high school youth with the essential tools that will help to facilitate willingness for youth to realize their full potential in the areas of the social, emotional, and academic domains.

We incorporate our 5R’s (Respect, Rules, Responsibility, Resolve, and Results) curriculum into our work. The curriculum focuses on Social Emotional Learning, Restorative Practices, and Conflict Management. Our goal is to develop a supportive action plan that will manage youth to stay on track, prevent further trauma from happening, help youth to make more positive choices, as well as stop an increase in juvenile delinquency.

Referral forms for youth: please follow this link to refer youth to Ice The Beef

KOYOT Mentor Application: please follow link to get involved with Ice The Beef and to become a mentor


Please contact us at for questions about our referral process and the KOYOT program

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