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Ice the Beef Anti-Gun Violence Organization is a 501(c)(3) located in city of New Haven, CT. We fervently advocate against gun violence by providing youth services and community centered events. We have been working in the city of New Haven for 10 years to curb gun-violence and have currently extended our efforts into the city of Waterbury. In 2020 the New Haven Police Department reported 275 shots fired, thus far in 2021 the city has reported 264 shots fired and 23 homicides. Following the death of his brother in 2011, Darrell Allick founded Ice the Beef after a particularly violent year with 34 homicides. In the beginning years, the organization worked as a mediator between groups and individuals who had disputes with each other. Darrell worked alongside his team of outreach workers and assisted them in resolving their disputes without resulting in violence. We also provided bereavement assistance for individuals and families who suffered loss or injury due to the pervasive gun violence and its corresponding trauma.

Ice the Beef is an advocate against gun violence and works closely with the New Haven and Waterbury communities to put an end to gun violence and offer youth outlets to aid in growth and development with positive reinforcement and mentorship.

Ice the Beef has a dedicated team of Outreach workers who do not hesitate to provide support when needed, whether that means offering meals to families in need or providing financial support for burials. Ice the Beef was the first entity in the state to offer wrap around services. The organization has developed multiple partnerships with funeral homes, food kitchens, pantries, churches, and shelters throughout the state. Our outreach workers stay connected to families and mentor youth and young adults who need guidance after suffering traumatic experiences.

Under the leadership of current President, Chaz Carmon, the goals of the organization were broadened to not only help families in their time of need after gun violence, but to also be preemptive in the fight against gun violence. With that addition, they started to focus on youth services and community building. The staff created programs that were centered around uplifting youth and mentor youth towards more positive paths in life. The youth we work with range in ages from 9 to 21. This new endeavor gave youth a voice in the city by offering programs that keep them off the streets, as well as them keeping youth engaged and connected with positive mentors. Youth are encouraged to organize and participate in their own events, get involved in their communities, as well as marches and rallies centered around combatting gun violence. These programs are also aimed at dismantling racism and discrimination, working to change poverty in red lined communities, help to create jobs and give teens much needed support to make their futures brighter.


We strive to instill in the youth that no matter what background you come from you can be the change needed in the world. Through our programming we are able to offer youth a variety of activities and community building initiatives. Each year Ice the Beef holds many events, rallies, and marches to help bring awareness to gun violence prevention. We also hold backpack giveaways and community events for children and families so they can come together, share meals, and develop a sense of pride and togetherness.

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